Cassia Organics

Sweetgrass + Sage Candle


CIt's like standing in a meadow. This is as close to true native sweetgrass as you'll smell. The aroma is herbal, fresh, and sweet, perfect for those who practice meditation. A natural, outdoorsy scent that makes everything feel clean and inviting! The fragrance has a hint of the sweetness of clover and of the smudging scent of Sage.

Our scented candles are made from a luxurious apricot crème & coconut wax blend with a natural wooden wick. These classy and sophisticated Spa candles are especially nice for those times when candlelight is needed to set the mood! Our fragrant scented candles provide hours of ambient lighting and unforgettable fragrance to any space and are great for aromatherapy.

Your candle comes boxed with a textured, sophisticated artisan label. The glass jar with a lid is reusable.

8 oz container candle
Softly crackling wooden wick
Phtalate-free fragrance
Expertly scented & made in small batches for the ultimate care and attention.
Hand-poured in Connecticut.
Burn time 50+ hours (**Average burn times depend on the number of drafts, size wick is kept trimmed, fragrance type, etc.