Cassia Organics

Rose Water Facial Toner


ROSE FACE TONER for your daily routine.
A toner made with high-quality botanical extracts to abundant in antioxidants, key vitamins, and amazing anti-inflammatory properties while giving a cooling and soothing sensation. This toner was created as a premium light face moisturizer that can be used any time the skin is feeling dry or irritated.
It works great as a leave-in scalp treatment, applying a few drops directly to the base of the hair follicles and scalp. Work in if necessary.

Packed with amazing ingredients for a luxurious skincare ritual:
- ROSE HYDROSOL is our base in this toner. It is calming and soothing to the skin
- WITCH HAZEL is an astringent with incredible tightening properties without the drying effects on the skin.
- CRANBERRY ENZYMES leave the skin brighter and more youthful-looking.
- HIBISCUS EXTRACT slows down collagen degradation and prevents elastin breakdown.
- HORSETAIL EXTRACT + OAT AMINO ACIDS, are great at calming irritated skin and reducing inflammation. They deliver key nutrients and moisture to the skin.

Ingredients: Organic Rose Hydrosol, Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Leucidal Liquid, Cranberry Enzyme, Hibiscus Extract, Horsetail Botanical Extract, Oat Amino Acids, Glycerin, Coconut Preservative

How to use:
1) Clean skin.
2) Apply a small amount to a soft cloth or cotton ball gently apply to the face and neck making sure you get even coverage on the skin
3) Let the oil absorb before applying make-up or regular moisturizer.
4) Repeat morning + evening.
5) Follow-up with one of our face oils
6) Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.