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Silky Vegan Body Powder with Aspen bark Extract


It doesn't get much simpler! Only three ingredients to keep you smooth and dry. This body powder is all organic and vegan. Only the best mother earth has to offer from the clay to the plants.  A natural love affair.  Super silky soft on your skin and not drying at all. A little goes a long way.

Arrow Root - helps prevent and soothe chafing, it is a silky white powder made by grinding up the dried rhizomes of the tropical Arrowroot plant.  A lightweight, all-natural absorbent powder with added skin-nourishing and anti-irritant properties. Arrowroot has a rich history of being used in traditional medicine applications due to the reputed ability to detoxify and heal wounds, calm skin irritations.

Kaolin Clay - is a white, soft clay powder that is commonly used for people with sensitive skin.  Kaolin Clay comes from Kaolinite, which is a naturally occurring mineral therefore you get the benefits of 100% natural minerals being present in the clay powder.

Aspen Bark Extract - for antimicrobial activity (also a natural preservative) it can be extracted without harm to the tree. It gives your skin a soothing feeling because of its natural salicin content. Aspen helps your skin become soft and smooth to the touch, even for the most sensitive skins.

4 oz | 115g Recyclable Aluminum Container
cruelty-free, sustainably sourced
Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, Kaolin Clay, Aspen Bark Extract

No talcum powder, chemical-free, cornstarch, and grain-free. Fragrance-free & unscented