Forest Bath Salts


Forest bathing is the Japanese practice of bathing your senses in the forest, to connect with the trees and clear you mind, much like a walking meditation.

Shinrin-yoku literally means forest bath, a powerful ritual for your everyday physical and mental wellness. A coniferous woodsy essential oil blend gracefully represents “your walk”.

The ancient forest is endless, spacious and diverse with a canopy marked by oak, cedar, hemlock and pine. Enough light shimmers through its crowns for a medley of flowers, herbs and mushrooms to grow among the brittle leaves. A medley of wild sounds caused by little critters echo in the air backed by the trickling sound of a gentle stream….

The ritual: add about ¼ cup to your bath just prior to entering

Aspect: earth & grounding

Notes: pine, cedar, spruce, herb

Ingredients: French gray salt, Atlantic ocean salt, dead sea salt, essential oil blend, cedar leaf, juniper leaf, rosemary leaf

9 oz I 250 g

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