Dried Mullein Leaf

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Versatile fuzzy mullein is a gardener’s friend, an herbalist’s delight and an engineering marvel all on its own, with it's velvety flower spike growing up to 8 feet tall. The stalk has alternate leaves that clasp the stem to direct rainwater down the stem to the roots.

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Flavor Profile


Mild and pleasant tasting. Combine with other herbs to enhance the flavor of tea blends.


Make an herbal tea blend with peppermint and Elder flower.

Use two teaspoons of dried herb mix and steep in one cup hot water for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy as is, or add lemon & honey.


Caffeine free


Culinary Grade
Organic Dried Mullein Leaf - Verbascum thapsus
1 oz / 28 gr
Store in a cool dry place


Mullein is feminine in action 
associated with Jupiter + Saturn
element of Water
other names -Lungwort, Torchwort, Witch's Candle, Velvet Plant, Feltwort, Hag's Tapers are just a few
In Germany we call it Himmelbrand - meaning heavenly fire or Königskerze ( meaning king’s candle). In the Middle Ages it was said that Mary herself traveled the land blessing all the mullein. This is where another name for it comes from, "Our Lady's Candle". A saying arose from this as well, “Our beloved Lady goes through the land, she carries mullein in her hand!” It was even said sometimes she touched the sick with the wand of mullein and healed them. 
The herbs for the August festival (Lammas) must be picked before sun rise by women barefoot, speaking the charms, silently and naked, without being seen and without thinking any thought. Never cut with an iron knife or dig with an iron spade, for it would take away the herb's power.

To Make a Hag Taper:

Gather entire dried stalks and dip or brush with tallow or wax. "Plant" them in small buckets filled with sand, or drive into the ground away from flammables and watch carefully. As All Hallows approaches, imagine your Harvest rites lit by grand torches. It has quite an effect.

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