MOON CHILD Vegan Perfume Oil


Our natural perfume oils are for you, looking to be different and stand out in a sea of commercially manufactured fragrances. Clean scents that harmonize with nature and inspire your soul, transporting you to faraway places and letting your mind wander and contemplate "what if..."

Natural perfumes do not "carry" as synthetic fragrances do. These oils stay closer to the body instead of filling the room. Natural perfume oils do not last all day, it is typical for the scent to be brighter and sharper when you first apply it, then slowly evolve into a more subdued fragrance. Our complex scent blends satisfy the senses as they evolve throughout the day or night - in your full moon ritual, these scents will add yet another subtle otherworldly experience.

Our perfumes come in convenient, portable roll-on, easy to reapply as a sensory ritual.

MOONCHILD - a star seed that needs tending
Embrace your inner moon child with this floral fragrance. With clean notes of jasmine and tuberose along with a bit more moody and woodsy notes of bergamot, white tea, nutmeg, and honey. Light and airy!

10 ml glass roll-on bottle with stainless steel roller ball
Packaged earth-friendly
Made with organic fractionated coconut oil for quick absorbance, phthalate-free fragrance concentrates.
The coconut oil gives the perfume a silky richness that easily glides on and soaks in without any greasy spot remaining. Convenient to apply, easy to reapply, and fits into the smallest purse or pocket anywhere you go.

The moon is our guide with its constant rhythm of waxing and waning. When the moon is on your mind, you’re reminded to check back in with yourself. Use this oil during the next moon meditation. Find a quiet place and start focusing on your breath, pay attention to the rising and falling of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale. Visualize all the details of the moon—how bright it is, the craters, its position in the sky, and feel its calming energy wash over your body and release any tension.