Moon Bath Salts


The Full Moon is a time of abundance and light, calling on us to celebrate in the lunar glow; moon bathing under the light of a full moon is a powerful way to connect with the universe.  We become clear on that which no longer serves us, preparing to release and let go when the moon begins to wane. Moon bathing encourages alignment with lunar cycles and being in tune with the rhythms of nature.

It is a great time to submerge yourself in water with a detoxifying and meditative salt bath. If possible have the moonlight shine onto your bath and light candles and incense. Let your mind clear

The ritual: add about ¼ cup to your bath just prior to entering,

Aspect: water & calming

Notes: lavender, black pepper, chamomile, jasmine, herb

Ingredients: French gray salt, Atlantic ocean salt, dead sea salt, black salt, shungite powder, dendritic salt, Epsom salt, essential oil blend, milky oat tops, cornflower petals, lavender buds
9 oz I 250 g

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