Cassia Organics

Lemon Zest Solid Dish Soap Bar


*washing dishes by hand
*you can use this soap for cleaning any surfaces in your kitchen,
*ideal for removing laundry stains.

Real lemon scent
vegan & organic
small-batch ♡ hand-poured
Each hand-cut bar weighs 5 ounces
Attractively packaged in an earth-friendly recycled box with an artisan label.

A 100% vegan all vegetable oil soap using nature cleaners, coconut oil, and Non-GMO Canola oil ( helps to be easy on the hands)
A great biodegradable natural Soap
NO petroleum, chlorine bleach, ammonia, phosphate, dye, and SLS.
Never tested on animals. No animal by-products.
Does not contain any GMO ingredients.