Lavender Luxury Gift Box


This lavender gift set is pure luxury and an invitation to slow down and relax a bit. A gentle nudge to take a moment for yourself. If not for you, there is almost certainly someone in your life deserving of a little extra care and love, an expression of your gratitude for all that they are.

Lavender is like a calming soothing sea that lets you forget the daily drudgery. Time to sep into a warm bath, enjoy the incredible scent of this handcrafted vanilla + lavender soap (a match made in heaven) Light the wooden wick candle, so mesmerizing and meditative to watch. The lavender lotion soothes and smoothes your skin after you step out of the bath. You will be calm and relaxed, your soul renewed.
This collection is recommended for hardworking mothers (especially new ones), loving spouses, and special partners.  We also suggest you treat yourself to a little luxury every once in a while.

LIMITED EDITION (low quantity)
Luxury Gift Box Includes:  
8 oz hour vegan essential oil candle, 50+ burn time
4 oz vegan hand and body lotion
4.5 oz vegan vanilla+ lavender shea butter soap