Jewelweed Natural Soap


This Artfully crafted natural soap, with an amazing combination of pure shea butter, tripple infused jewelweed oils and added for extra skin benefits and anti-itch frankincense essential oil. It is the Urushiol that Jewelweed removes from your skin which then prevents you from getting a rash.

No fragrance, just pure natural goodness for your skin. Wildcrafted Jewelweed (organic) from my garden. Double infused oils (for well over 2 month ) with an added decoction of Jewelweed and the wonderful benefits if frankincense essential oil make this a great anti itch poison ivy/ poison oak soap. Frankincense essential oil is also great in preventing itching.

An abundance of Shea Butter will keep your skin smooth and soft. The soap is richly super-fatted with Rice Bran Oil and Shea Butter to provide a long lasting moisturizer.

Simply the best soap for everyday use! Not a fancy design but wholesome goodness made with the best oils and butters.
These soaps look beautiful displayed in your bathroom - but most of all nourish your body, make you smell good and clean your skin all while being natural.
Pamper yourself with a luxury handmade soap with an abundance of fluffy, creamy and nourishing lather.

Large Bath Bar 4.5 oz
100% Natural & Vegan
small batch ♡ Hot Process ♡ Hand poured & cut by me

ingredients: Jewelweed Decoction, Jewelweed Double Infusion, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Frankincense EO


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