Organic Chest Rub


A natural vapor rub is a must have in a medicine cabinet. Similar store bought products contain crude oil derived ingredients, not ideal for rubbing on the skin.

Breathe easy knowing that this therapeutic vapor rub is made with 100% pure natural ingredients and is 100% effective to ease sinus congestion and cough.

This ointment will allow to breathe easier without having to use petroleum jelly. Made completely with organic with oils and beeswax. This vapor rub will also comfort your sore nose from all the tissues wear.
It also tremendously helps nurses, medical techs masking bad smells if they rub a bit und er their nose

***This may be too strong for babies*** test on yourself first

TO USE: Simply rub under nose and around nostrils and on your chest. Repeat as needed.


100% natural
Vegan & Organic (mostly Vegan - except for Beeswax)
small batch ♡ handmade
Comes with a drawstring pouch and artisan a label. 

Volume: 2 Fluid ounces


organic coconut oil, beeswax, menthol, eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint essential oil, camphor essential oil

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