Cassia Organics

Foot Spa Gift Set


Whether it's the enjoyment of a soothing foot bath at the end of a long day, or just pampering your friends and loved ones.

Be an inspiration to the ones around you with your kindness and thoughtful gift-giving. This sublime spa gift set is the perfect choice to show your appreciation.

Just for her because you appreciate her so much - she is after all unforgettable to you...
All-natural handmade products make this a unique holiday gift for her.


Make those tootsies sparkle just in time for summer. Most of all treat yourself - self-care at its best ♡

Eucalyptus stimulates relaxation and purifies the skin. 

Bathing in a dead sea salt solution helps in keeping the skin moisturized and revitalized. Dead Sea salt baths can help eliminate the roughness and inflammation on the skin's surface because of the high magnesium content.

All Natural Bath Set includes:
♡ Eucalyptus & Mint Soap
♡ Moisturizing Socks
♡ Mint Foot Soak
♡ Pumice Stone ( differ in shape)
♡ Mint Foot Butter
♡ Wooden Foot Brush (differ in Shape)
♡ Small Foot towel - now white and not cream colored

Unwind and relax with a refreshing Mint & Eucalyptus Foot Bath. The blend of french grey sea salt and dead sea salt along with mint herb will soothe tired achy feet. Use the foot brush and pumice to remove any rough spots on the feet. Use the soap if you need to remove any dirt. Dry your feet with our luxurious linen towel. Lithuanian linen is world-known for its quality.

Follow up with a relaxing foot massage using soothing foot butter. Aloe and generous amounts of shea butter are great for deep moisturizing.
Our foot butter provides many fatty acids, which is why it's often touted for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. Shea butter is a powerhouse of antioxidants, which help repair damage to the skin caused by free radicals. Cover those delighted feet for the night with wonderful comfy moisturizing socks.