Fire Bath Salts


A spiritual bath is a great cleansing works wonders for yourself at the end of a hectic week. A ritual fire bath is a great ways to ground yourself. If you associate yourself with fire, are a fire sign or just really like candles, try this easy ritual bath.

Grab some candles and fire related crystals. Bloodstone, tiger's eye or obsidian work well. Place them around the bath tub. Before step in add your ritual bath salts. Feel the heat crawl up your body, visualize the hot water cleansing you of all negative energies and submerge yourself in the water. As you breathe out under the water, let the aura of the candles and crystals around you form a protective circle. Stay in the bath and mediate as long as you wish.


It is a great time for detoxifying and meditative salt bath.

The ritual: add about ¼ cup to your bath just prior to entering,

Aspect: water & calming

Notes: Rose, Neroli, tangerine, bergamot

Ingredients: Atlantic ocean salt, Dead sea salt, Himalayan salt, Epsom Salt, Dendritic Salt, Essential oil blend, Rose petals, Hibiscus Flowers

230 g

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