Dried Nettle Leaf


Stinging nettle has been used medicinally since at least 3 B.C. In medieval times, it was used to treat pain in joints, as well as act as a diuretic.
It is an extremely versatile plant that has been used as a food, medicine, dye, and fiber material.
The leaf is used to make teas, tisanes, infusions and tinctures. Infused in oil or tinctured in alcohol. 

  • Ingredients & active compounds
  • Taste
  • The Ritual
Ingredients & active compounds

Dried nettle leaves, (Urtica dioica)

Nutrients: Glucoquinone, Calcium, Silicic acid, Potassium, iron, Flavonoids, Amines, Phenols, Sterols

Vegan & organic
small batch ♡ weight 1 oz / 28 gr

Store in a cool, dark place in an airtight container.


Nettle has a flavor that is similar to spinach.

The Ritual

One teaspoon of dried nettle per cup of tea is a good ratio, though some people use more per cup water. For a stronger infusion, you can crush the leaves with a mortar and pestle just before adding the water.

Cover leaves with hot water and let site for 5 minutes. Sweeten with honey or stevia if desired. Start out by only having one cup of nettle tea to make sure you don’t have any reactions to it - no more than two


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