Dried Blue Cornflower Petals


Organic dried Cornflower is a member of the daisy family noted for its vibrant azure blue flowers.
Part of the Asteraceae or Compositae family.

You can add cornflower petals to tea blends, potpourri, baked goods, soups, salads and custards. You can also freeze them in decorative ice cubes for iced beverages.
Use in facial steams and to make infusions for the skin and hair.
The name of the genus is derived from Greek Mythology, the Centaur Chiron, who taught humankind the healing virtue of herbs.

"A decoction of the petals, filtered through three layers of linen and ritually consecrated beneath a full moon with a moonstone, were used as an eye bath for increasing clairvoyance : enabling one to see aspects of the universal creative forces."

100% natural
Vegan & organic
small batch ♡ weight 0.5 oz /14 gr

Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place.


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