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Deluxe Spa Gift Box, Build Your Own


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ANKH - divine healing

She was here all the time, waiting asleep to bloom, while the silent shadow of the garden protected her dream. The autumn passed and winter came, she forgot her modesty and showed her being, an explosion of aromas that reminisce of far memories. Sweet, beautiful, intoxicating tobacco flower; a scent unlike any other. Somehow sweet yet full of character. She is here to be yours.
The fragrance of this flower is extremely delicate, yet rich and sweet, spicy-floral, somewhat reminiscent of carnation with a fresher note, almost fruity.

Ankh Bath Bar 4.5 oz
Ankh Bath Bomb 4.5 oz and is 2.5" in diameter
Vegan Wooden Wick Candle 8 oz
Body Lotion 4.75 oz 
Ankh Body Oil 2 oz 
Perfume Roll-On 10 ml
White deluxe box with  Ribbon

Check individual listings for ingredients.
The candle is Coconut + Apricot Wax
All Bath products are Vegan