Ankh Vegan Cleansing Coconut Milk Soap


Sweet tobacco flower has a hint of spicy cognac, a scent full of woods, musk, and amber. The aromas blend together so delicately like a summer song, yet they are rich enough to work for both men and women alike.


Coconut milk is a great moisturizer due to its soothing properties. Coconut milk contains essential amino acids with antioxidant benefits providing a healthy option for the skin. The natural fatty acids of coconut milk in this soap help soothe and not strip the moisture from your skin. Coconut Milk is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. A great vegan alternative and gives our soaps a creamy, bubbly, and silky soft consistency that you love.

Hibiscus not only helps with age spots, but it can also encourage an all-round fresher, younger, smoother looking complexion. The natural acids present in Hibiscus help to purify your skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover, they can even help to control acne breakouts. It also gives out soap a gentle exfoliation action.

French Pink Clay can be used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells, and create an overall refreshed appearance. The minerals found in pink clay are iron, illite, montmorillonite, and calcite. Enriched in minerals it can help to restore and replenish the skin by locking in moisture and draw out impurities.

Shea butter soap combines the moisturizing properties of Shea butter with the cleaning benefits of soap for a hand and body washing experience that strikes the perfect balance between giving and taking. Made with high-quality oils that have a wonderfully creamy, bubbly lather. Leaves your skin feeling silky, soft, and supple.


4.5 oz / 130 g

Let your soap dry out and breathe in between uses, it will last you much longer.

Our handmade small-batch soaps contain only the richest, most luxurious oils. We use organic whenever possible.

Goat Milk Soap

ingredients - Purified Water, Organic Olive Oil, Organic RSPO Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter,  Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Coconut Milk, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Hibiscus Powder, French Pink Clay


This cleansing bar is best for everyday use and easy on your entire body, leaving your skin feeling silky, soft, and supple.

Try using it in combination with our Agave Washcloth

Try the matching perfume roll-on Ankh

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