Wildcrafted Jewelweed


2019 Harvest

2019 Harvest

The benefits of Jewelweed are quite specific. Today it is most widely used as a topical treatment for extreme itchiness and rash caused by contact with plants and insects, most notably: poison ivy, oak and sumac.
Jewel weed has been used extensively throughout North America for poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak rash. Jewelweed was used for other skin eruptions associated with bee stings, nettle stings, hives, herpes, blisters, hemorrhoids, acne and burns. Traditionally, jewelweed has also been used in the form of infusions (strong tea) internally for headache, stomach ache, kidney problems and externally for bruises, muscle sprains and soreness. Finally, it was an ingredient in the medicine used for the Green Corn Ceremony. (North American Ethnobotany)

Jewelweed contains calcium oxalate crystals.

Latin Name: Impatiens capensis and Impatiens pallida
Botanical Family: Balsaminaceae
Common Names: Jewel weed, Touch me not, Quick-in-the-hand, Wild Lady’s Slipper

100% natural
Vegan & organic
small batch ♡ weight 0.5 oz / 14 gr

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