Coconut Solid Lotion Bar


Our coconut lotion bar is a fresh crisp aroma of coconut, not too sweet or fruity. Perfect for someone looking for a true coconut fragrance. Make the memories of those lovely lazy days on the beach last a bit longer, and carry you through the dreary winter month.
A very delicate floral solid lotion. Rich and hypnotic, a transcendent blend of orange blossom and sweet ylang ylang essential oil. The beautifully fragrant and precious lotion bar is designed to boost feelings of euphoria and unleash sensuality. It is grounded by rich earthy notes as it settles into your space. It blooms and shifts, stirring the spirit and pacifying the mind.
This scent is like summer in full bloom. Carry with you the exquisite scent of rose geranium mingled with crisp pink grapefruit, crafted to invigorate and uplift your mood. The zesty and energizing scent of grapefruit in a love encounter with a deep floral bouquet of rose geranium makes this lotion bar so wonderfully feminine. Indulge yourself and nourish a tired spirit during challenging times; let this bar treat you to a romantic rendezvous.
A scent I knew from my dreams before bringing it to life. The divine alchemy of fig leaf, jasmine, and sandalwood. Adding some soft notes of vanilla, musk, and a touch of cardamom. This scent is a lush exploration of essences, unfurling layers blended with the exotic aroma of sandalwood.
A timeless and enchanting scent to elevate your spirits and bring you the aromatic bliss of a magnificent woodland garden in bloom.

When the weather shifts and fall rolls in, a good lotion is a necessity, especially in harsher winter climates. There are a plethora of lotion options available but often overlooked are solid lotions. They save time, are less messy, and much more portable due to being smaller in size. Most importantly they are concentrated as all the liquid is removed. Long-lasting and they make for soft and glistening skin all day.
Although a liquid lotion or cream is most prevalent, here are some great reasons to try a solid lotion Bar advantages:

🖤Replenishes moisture, soothes irritation and extreme dryness
🖤Restores elasticity for anti-aging benefits, providing a barrier against the elements
🖤Softens the skin, leaving a much-sought afterglow

*EO denotes Essential Oil
*FO denotes Phthalate Free Fragrance Oil