Dragon's Blood Cleansing Bar


Dragon's Blood artisan body bar has a fragrance that is mysterious, exotic and difficult to describe. 
A deep alluring aromatic fragrance with warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli; romantic notes such as rose, jasmine and lilac and a sensual light touches of blood orange and grapefruit. Such a delight ....so mysterious - perfect for men and women alike.


Reef Red Clay has high iron content and essential minerals help to revitalize the skin to create soft, healthy and glowing skin.  
Pamper yourself with the nourishing lather of a handmade luxury soap. All skin types.

Shea butter soap combines the moisturizing properties of Shea butter with the cleaning benefits of soap for a hand and body washing experience that strikes the perfect balance between giving and taking. Made with high quality oils that have a wonderful creamy, bubbly lather. Leaves your skin feeling silky, soft and supple.


4.5 oz / 130 g

Let your soap dry out and breathe in between uses, it will last you much longer.

Our handmade small batch soaps contain only the richest, most luxurious oils. We use organic whenever possible.

Vegan Fragrance Oil Soap

ingredients - Purified Water, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Australian Red Clay, Phthalate Free Fragrance


This cleansing bar is best for every day use and easy on your entire body, leaving your skin feeling silky, soft and supple.

Try using it in combination with our Agave Washcloth

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