Hibiscus Mint Tisane


As Winter marks the dark part of the year in which to enjoy the harvest plucked while still warm from the summer sun. The cooler temperatures bring us indoors and it becomes necessary to turn on the lights a bit earlier each evening. As we pull out the bulky sweaters, we long for the rituals that ease our transition into the season. Winter months mean busy days and early evenings. This year when darkness falls or when the weekend arrives, be sure to find time to relax with family and friends. A fragrant cup of hot tea is a wonderful accompaniment to freshly baked cookies, muffins or scones.

The tastes of hibiscus and mint are a heavenly creation; add stevia leaves and you have simple but magnificent herbal tea. Made of only three ingredients, but these powerhouses of flavor can carry their weight! The lightness and freshness of mint produces a feeling of freedom, while the floral notes of hibiscus blossoms are soothing and relaxing.

Feel the warmth of the inner feminine tending the hearth of your creative passion as you sip Hibiscus tea by a warm fire.  You are alive!

Start with cold fresh water, bring to a rolling boil. Pour the boiling water over 1 - 3 tsp herb (adjust to taste) and steep for 5 - 10 minutes. Enjoy as is or add lemon & honey.

ingredients: mint, stevia, hibiscus, rose hips

caffeine free also rich in Vitamin C.

230 ml jar

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