Agave Washcloth


The best way to achieve great skin is through exfoliation. The benefits can't be overstated if you're prone to acne. Exfoliation can help prevent recurrences and removes follicle oils. It improves texture and speeds up the renewal process and allows new cell growth to flourish. It even reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as minimizes the look of large pores. Just washing isn't going to do all this. As you age the surface of your face becomes rougher in texture and can appear dull. Exfoliation results in a smoother, more even look, and even allows for better absorption of moisturizing products.


Sisal Washcloth: 10" x 10" / 25 cm x 25 cm

(Vegan plant based fibers)
Environmentally friendly as well as durable and guaranteed to last a long time. 
The edges have a good binding sewn on with a hang loop

It's made from 100% renewable fiber; Agave sisalana is a natural fiber derived from the long green leaves of the cactus plant. No chemical fertilizers are used in sisal production.  
Machine wash warm, dry on the line, or medium heat.


Use 3-4 times a week to exfoliate the skin.  The loop side of the wet cloth is perfect for body exfoliation while the smooth side is softer for sensitive areas such as your face. It is best to rinse and hang to dry between uses.